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By C. K. Jorgensen

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Some English authors also use the five letters α, β, γ, δ, c, and use, for example, άγ and d e electrons for y 3 and y 5. The products of different L-values are: 53 MOLECULAR ORBITALS AND MICROSYMMETRY S I\ Ρ D F A Γ3 + Γ5 Γ2 + Γ 4 + Γ 5 G Γ + Γ +Γ +Γ Η I Γ 3 + 2Γ4 + Γ5 Γτ + Γ2 + Γ 3 + Γ 4 + 2 Γ 5 1 Ζ Α Β (44) combined with even or odd parity (as also in spherical symmetry, 4 3 where, for instance, S from p has odd parity, since 3/ = 3 is odd). The orbitals are even for even values of / and odd for odd values, having the same distribution of y n-values as Γ η in eqn.

As will be discussed in Chapter 10, the effects of large ζ ηρ are even more conspicuous in the series T1(I), Pb(II), Bi(III), having 2 transitions which in the gaseous ions would be 6s -> 6s6p, and in the electron transfer spectra of halide complexes, where in the gaseous atoms £ np is strongly increasing with Ζ (eqn. 151). ) which do not change the physical properties of the electron system considered. Thus, the (2L + l)-fold degeneracy of multiplet terms and (21 + l)-fold degeneracy of orbitals is closely connected with the assumption of spherical symmetry, surrounding a gaseous atom or ion.

In both cases, it can be shown that the X 2 terms S will be depressed 3K* and P 2K*, relative to the other terms, where K* is proportional to the squares of K(2s, 2p) and K(2p, as). This produces a deviation from the Slater ratios in eqn. (77). However, the decreased value of these interval ratios in the iso+ electronic series C, N , . . i s connected with the interaction with 2 n +2 rather than with "virtual" configurations, since the ratio ls 2p 4+ is remarkably constant for increasing ionic charge.

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