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By Dr. Frances Bauer, Prof. Paul Garabedian, Dr. David Korn (auth.)

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ISBN-13: 9783540058076

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At current, there's huge curiosity in supercritical wing know-how for the improvement of airplane designed to fly close to the rate of sound. the fundamental precept is the suppression of boundary layer separation through moving the surprise waves that take place at the wing towards the trailing area and making them as susceptible as attainable. the aim of this record is to make to be had to the engineering public mathematical equipment for the layout of supercritical wings. those tools rely on the numerical answer of the partial differential equations of two-dimensional gasoline dynamics. the most contribution is a working laptop or computer software for the layout of shockless transonic airfoils utilizing the hodograph transformation and analytic continuation into the complicated area. one other contribution is a software for the research of transonic circulate with shocks prior an airfoil at off-design stipulations. In our layout paintings we comprise a turbulent boundary layer correction. half I of the paper is dedicated to an outline of the mathemati­ cal thought and needn't be studied by means of these essentially excited about operating the courses. half II is a handbook for clients of our courses that's self sufficient of the theoretical half. partially III and in Appendices II and III we supply numerical examples and talk about computa­ tional effects. the most substance of the document, notwithstanding, is inside the directory of the pc courses themselves in Appendix IV. we've used the Fortran language all through and we have now incorporated various remark playing cards within the listing.

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Tape 1 contains the solu- -51- tion to the flow problem (the cuunlinates of the airfoil and other information) and is used as input to Programs C and D. The file called Output contains information which monitors the progress of Program B. A detailed description of Tape 6 and Tape 7 is given in Appendix I. Initially Tape 6 and Tape 7 are created from cards, but they can be modified at the TTY by means of Programs E and A respectively. Both output files are rewound automatically before their contents are used by Program B.

All programs require at most a field length of 60,000 octal words on the CDC 6600. The main programs are described below. Program B calculates the flow given the free stream Mach number and other parameters chosen to describe the airfoil. The actual shape of the airfoil resulting from the parameters is also computed. Program D converts the results into Calcomp plots of the airfoil and its hodograph and prints the (x,y)coordinates of the streamline ~ = O. It also prepares the data necessary for a turbulent boundary layer correction and for an analysis of the flow past the airfoil.

1) where s, M, p, q and T are the arc length, local Mach number, density, speed and skin friction along the surface of the airfoil, and H is a shape factor (11. 2) H that is computed by a set of semi-empirical rules. ~nown functio~s of s to be found from our inviscid flow computation along the streamline friction T Both M and q are ~ = O. Nash and Macdonald specify the skin through a version of the logarithmic formula (11 . 3) in which the coefficients a and M and the shape factor H. 3424, and the subscript 00 indicates quantities evaluated at infinity in the physical plane.

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A Theory of Supercritical Wing Sections, with Computer Programs and Examples by Dr. Frances Bauer, Prof. Paul Garabedian, Dr. David Korn (auth.)

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