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By George Hangay

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Winner of the 2010 Whitley Medal

A advisor to the Beetles of Australia is an engaging advent to this massive and various crew of bugs – the Coleoptera. Beetles make up forty% of all bugs. The variety of identified beetle species on this planet – greater than 350,000 – is greater than six instances the variety of all vertebrate species.

New beetle species are being stumbled on forever. Of the 30,000 species which can take place in Australia, in basic terms 20,000 were scientifically defined. those comprise round 6,000 weevils (Curculionidae), 3,000 scarabs, dung beetles and chafers (Scarabaeidae) and 3,000 leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae).

A advisor to the Beetles of Australia highlights the large range of this distinct insect Order. It emphasizes the environmental function of beetles, their relationships with different crops and animals and their value to humans.

Key features
• Treats all major households of Australian beetles
• offers an creation to beetle biology
• Copiously illustrated with top of the range pictures

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Here the larvae had a choice – they could go either left or right. If they turned right, they got to a breeding jar, with pleasant conditions and food. If they turned to the left, they had to repeat the run from the start. This rather simple training brought results. After a certain number of runs a certain number of larvae ‘learned’ to turn right instead of left. The experiment was carried out with adult beetles too, with more or less the same result. But what followed, was truly interesting. First, the ‘trained’ larvae, those that knew that turning right was ‘good’, were allowed to pupate and change into adult beetles.

They can compact themselves by folding their head under, resting tightly against the ventral side of the body. They usually can be found on vegetation near water. Some frequent flowers, others rotting vegetable matter. ) Only one family, Buprestidae, belongs to this superfamily. These are the jewel beetles and are very different from all other beetles. Because their general shape is distinctive, most species are easily recognised as jewel beetles. ) Superfamily Dascilloidea The two families of beetles (Dascillidae and Rhipiceridae) that belong to this superfamily look quite different.

This Athephylla species (10 mm) is a firefly (Lampyridae) of north Queensland. It is a member of the large superfamily Elateroidea. Superfamily Byrrhoidea Beetles belonging to this superfamily are variable and it is difficult to give a short, description which fits all. They are small to medium sized, often pubescent beetles, some aquatic or sub-aquatic. ) Superfamily Elateroidea This large superfamily contains some well-known beetles, including the click beetles (Elateridae), fireflies (Lampyridae), net-winged (Lycidae) and soldier beetles (Cantharidae).

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