A Contribution to the Theory of Supply at Joint Cost - download pdf or read online

By Marco Fanno (auth.)

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Marco Fanno used to be one of the so much distinct of Italian economists, and a huge contributor to the background of monetary proposal. he's precise one of the Italian economists of his new release in being encouraged through the hot macrodynamic theories of the Thirties in addition to the Italian culture of basic Equilibrium. His conception of joint expenditures (1914) is between his so much influential works. This translation by way of Cyprian Blamires makes this simply available in English in booklet shape for the 1st time. The booklet comprises an authoritative foreword from Michio Morishima, putting Fanno and his paintings in context.

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The way that prices communicate their respective movements to each other is unique to each case. Since each price is fixed as a function of demand and supply the action of the price of each individual good on the prices of other goods cannot be explained except through the demand for and supply of these other goods. The whole field of correlations between prices can therefore be broken down into as many groups as there are different ways in which levels of demand for and supply of the various goods are connected.

In other words I shall go for the narrower concept and limit discussion in the present work to cases that fit into it. Since J. S. Mills many economists have studied production at joint cost on the basis of this concept - until recently the dominant one. Virtually every handbook or study of economics devotes a chapter or at least a few paragraphs to the topic. 6 But few authors do anything more than textually reproduce or paraphrase Mill's classic pages, adding nothing substantially new. Even those who, like Marshall for example, 7 give rather more thought to the topic, can find only a partial solution to it.

K m - l ; then we say that they are jointly consumed. We define the quantity of the composite commodity as: X . (Xlk ' X2k2 ' ... , Xm-l) k - = mIll l (6) m l where Xi is the quantity of commodity i contained in the composition. Throughout the following, we take kl = 1 for the sake of simplicity. The utility function of the consumer may be written as: which is maximised subject to her budget equation, PIXI + ... + pm-l Xm-I + pmxm + ... + pn+1 Xn+1 Taking commodity n define PI as PI = M + 1 as the numeraire so that Pn+1 = Plkl + ...

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