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The bestselling 30-Second... sequence takes a innovative method of studying approximately these matters you are feeling you have to particularly comprehend. every one name selects a well-liked subject and dissects it into the 50 most important principles at its middle. every one proposal, regardless of how complicated, is defined in three hundred phrases and one photo, all digestible in 30 seconds. 30-Second Quantum concept tackles a mindbendingly mysterious region of physics, introducing the 50 most vital quantum quandaries and concepts. In a global the place the quantum physics of electronics is a regular crucial and new quantum advancements make headline information, you'll stopover at Parallel Worlds, journey Wave thought, and study barely enough to speak with sure bet approximately Uncertainty thought and to untangle the mysteries of quantum entanglement.

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Before the outbreak of the Second World War, Schrödinger escaped the turmoil of continental Europe for neutral Ireland. His maternal grandmother had been British, and he spoke English almost as fluently as he spoke German. At the personal invitation of Éamon de Valera, then Irish Prime Minister, Schrödinger became Director of Theoretical Physics at the newly formed Institute for Advanced Studies in Dublin – a post he held for the next 17 years. He later described his time in Dublin as the happiest years of his life.

Some even doubted they existed. To the surprise of the scientists, atoms not only proved to be a reality, but these tiny components of everything from a human being to a speck of dust also behaved more strangely than anyone could expect. It was initially assumed that atoms and their component parts would behave just like much smaller versions of the ordinary things that we see around us. Therefore, scientists thought that atoms would fly through the air just as a tennis ball does, if on a smaller scale.

THE BIRTH OF THEORY THE BIRTH OF THEORY GLOSSARY black body A hypothetical object absorbing all light that hits it, whatever the frequency or direction. A black body at a constant temperature emits a light spectrum (black body radiation) purely dependent on its temperature and not influenced by the nature of the body. black holes A location at which matter has been made so compact that it collapses to a point under gravitational pull. Most frequently formed by the collapse of a massive star. The apparent size of the black hole is its ‘event horizon’, which is the distance from the centre where nothing, not even light, can escape.

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