Our Company's


We are a creative group with a passion for design & developing steampunk creations. Our steampunk creations scale from conversational pieces to everyday wearable and practical uses in steampunk style!


BurnsConcepts is the mothership to many creations! MoreDead is one of it’s offspring. To learn More visit BurnsConcepts.com


MusiciansCreative is another offspring to BurnsConcepts and it houses all music related activity! MoreDead is a part of that family specializing in sound deadening.


MoreDead is all about enhancing your unique sound with sound deadening power!

Our Steam Team

DR. BURNS ~ This individual is permanently high off of coal fumes and metal smithing shaving, which has resulted in a bizarre and wonderful Steampunk Art Creations!

PROF. LATHYOUS ~ This individual exists in an alternate reality created by inhaling too much solder smoke and guilded paint fumes, which has resulted in a astonishing quality of uniqueness!